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It has been over a year since my quarter horse gelding Smokey severed a tendon on his left hind leg. After being treated with Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy, he is once again sound and back on the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming enjoying trail rides.

This past summer we went on trail rides lasting up to seven hours and at elevations up to 10,000 feet. I would not have had such a wonderful summer without your assistance. Thank you Vet-Stem!

- Candy Sweem & Kirk's Smokin Brakes


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Rob was 17 years old when he injured himself in November of 2005. We arenít certain how the injury occurred, but he tore the lateral branch of the suspensory ligament on his left hind leg. He was lame, on stall rest, and in a lot of discomfort. After having the leg ultrasounded, our vet gave us a poor prognosis and NO hope for a full recovery. This was especially upsetting to my daughter and I. I desperately searched for other treatments and found Vet-Stem Cell therapy. He was treated with stem cells in January of 2006.

Rob has since made a full recovery and has not experienced any further lameness. The ultrasounds have shown the ligament to be completely healed, with no shorting or scar tissue. Rob is back to full dressage training. We are extremely pleased with the results of stem cell therapy and would highly recommend this treatment to other horse owners.

- Deborah & Karen Jerome & A Positive Rob

Mister Nicadual

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Mister Nicadual suffered a bow on his left front super digital flexor tendon in November 2005. It was stretched and torn and he was unable to work, only hand walk. He was treated with Vet-Stem Regenerative cells and the tendon showed remarkable healing. Five months later he was back in top reining competitions. Thanks to Vet-Stem, his tendon healed completely, and within just ten months of his injury we won team gold and individual silver at the FEI World Equestrian Games!

- Tim McQuay & Mister Nicadual

Grey Ghost

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My rope horse Grey Ghost and I were competing in a jackpot roping when he tore the suspensory ligament in his left front leg. Since Grey is a head horse, he puts a lot of pressure on his left legs when you dally and turn the steer, and this time was just too much.

Although the injury was very subtle, I knew I was unable to use him anymore until he was healed. Some people just put their horses out to pasture for eight months or so, but I knew I wanted the best treatment for Grey so that I could feel confident on him again in any roping event.

Marty Gardner, DVM of Great Basin Equine in Gardnerville, NV encouraged stem cell therapy for Grey because he was such a nice horse and we both wanted a full recovery for him. It was an easy proceedure. The time consuming part was the rehab process Grey had to go through, but that is what allowed him to heal completely.

Today he is solid and sound again and I couldn't be happier. We actually had stem cells left over, which Vet-Stem has cryopreserved for future use.

Grey, now seventeen years old, is still at the top of his game and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Vet-Stem!

- Marcy Jordan & Grey Ghost