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Buck is a 4 year old English Pointer, and is an active hunting dog. He has had knee problems from the beginning, and had TPLO surgeries on both knees (3 times each knee – he is quite an energetic dog, causing problems in healing post surgery).

We then discovered he was starting to have hip problems. Expecting to hear “anti-inflammatories and reduce physical activity for the rest of his life”, we were almost too depressed to go in to see Dr. Marcus. When Dr. Marcus said that we now had an alternative, and that this was the first time he was able to offer some positive choice, we were all very excited.

We did the Vet-Stem Cell Therapy on him in June– and Dr. Marcus decided to inject both his hips and both knees too. He has done incredibly well in this program – and he is running with more grace than he ever had. Now in October we have just finished a 3 week hunting trip in Montana and North Dakota, requiring extensive endurance, and he did just great! Never a limp or hitch. Our hope is that he will never require additional surgery, and it looks like this will certainly be the case!

- Douglas & Linda Avery & Buck


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Doc, our beloved 12 year old Giant Schnauzer, has suffered from deterioration of the right hip for some time now. He is unable to stand for any length of time, and spends most of the day laying down. Doc used to visit children in the hospital, working as a Therapy Dog, but since he has trouble standing and moving about we have had to discontinue his work.

In October '08 we decided to bring Doc in to see Dr. Hoelzler at Garden State Veterinary Specialists, in Tinton Fall, NJ. Dr. Hoelzler performed the Stem Cell Therapy on Doc, and since then he has been improving immensely. Thirty days post surgery he has shown improvement, as well as in his ability to stand for greater lengths of time.

He has been on extended house arrest, keeping his rehab schedule at the top of our priority list. He is now re-gaining his ability to walk and trot better, and does not have such labored movement.

We have seen an improvement in his ability to climb steps and walk around with more ease. It is great to see him being able to get up into his bed and jump up on the couch again, since it is his favorite napping spot.

Since he enjoys Pet Therapy Work so much, we are hoping that he can return to work in the near future.

- Barbara Crisafulli & Doc


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Honey, our 13 year old retriever-shepherd mix, had ruptured ligaments in both her shoulders and her knees. She had an increased lameness over the years, thus having to take all kinds of medication for lameness. She had all but stopped walking.

Dr. Carolyn Kohn, of River Forest Animal Hospital in Sarasota Florida, told us about Vet-Stem and how Honey could be treated with her stem cells.

Honey received stem cell therapy in March, and we saw immediate results. After coming out of sedation she wasn't even limping -this was the first time in seven months. Within a month she was climbing back up to her favorite spot on the couch, and once, excited by children playing, took off and ran like the wind. Honey is no longer taking any NSAIDs or medication, and shows no more signs of lameness.

Honey loves to play again like a much younger dog, she loves being handled by children and is able to work as a pet therapy dog once again.

- Laura and John McCabe & Honey, a Therapy Dog


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Chester was what veterinarians would call a lame dog. He had OCD in both elbows diagnosed at 8 months. Unfortunately, this disease is progressive. Improvement is expected with a treatment of medical and surgical management, but NOT normality because varying degrees of arthritic change already exist and will progress.

Chester was treated with one or more anti-inflammatory drugs once a day, plus something to protect his tummy from the medicine, as well as having the arthroscopic surgery in both elbows before he was a year old. Months after the surgery he was slow to get up and would often cry if we left him alone in a room. We knew he was still in pain.

At about 2 years old he had the stem cell treatment and he was back to his pre-diagnoses self!

Because Labs can act like puppies for a long time, he is now a big 100 lb baby and is full of energy . With the stem cell treatment Chester can again happily run and swim. He gets a walk to the park and to chase his ball daily. In the winter he goes with me to the beach and loves to body surf, something we used to have to moderate so he wouldn't get too sore. Since Vet-Stem's treatment Chester has been off all drugs too! It's truly amazing.

Although Chester is 4 years old now, it's fun to see our "puppy" running around and acting like the goofy Lab that he is.

Our family is truly grateful for the Vet-Stem treatments, it's been a little miracle for our family and for Chester!

- Tabitha & Graham Unterberger & Chester