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Almost immediately after her stem cell transplant, Luci was back to her bouncy, happy self.

- Shirley Zindler & Luci


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Thank you very much for making stem cell therapy a viable option for our four year old Clumber spaniel Lawrance.

Kurt Schulz, DVM from Burlington Vermont Veterinary Specialist injected both of Lawrance's horribly arthritic elbows last June. Lawrance sustained corinoid fractures in both elbows (requiring surgery)when he was one year old and had arthroscopy on both elbows for bone fragment removal last June just prior to the stem cell injections.

Lawrance has made a remarkable recovery! He is walking without a limp, and seems very comfortable and happy. Lawrance is very special to us and we are truly grateful for your services.

Thanks again for making it possible for Lawrance to enjoy some quality of life.

- Lisa and Bill Druary & Lawrance


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When only 2 years old, my most promising go-to dog for cattle and sheep herding tore his right hind tendon. After researching with my veterinarian my options, I knew Vet-Stem's regenerative stem cell therapy was the answer to Buzz's recovery.

Buzz is now completely healed, and is as good as new. He works sheep and cattle daily on our ranch, and will be competing in dog trials again this summer. Without Vet-Stem's treatment, there is no way Buzz could work daily without being in pain or discomfort. I cannot thank Vet-Stem enough for giving Buzz the ability to follow his naturally talented instinct.


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Strike is a 7 year old English Pointer and also an active hunting dog. He has been incredibly graceful from birth, and never had any problems. However, this summer he started to limp and under a scope we discovered he had a torn ligament in his right front shoulder.

Given the lack of success with surgery to repair this, and that Dr. Marcus had recently done Vet-Stem Cell Therapy so successfully on Buck, we decided to do the same with Strike in July. He has also done very well on the program, and during the 3 week hunting trip, he performed as well as ever and never showed a limp. We are so happy that he seems fully recovered!

- Douglas & Linda Avery & Strike