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Treatment Options

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AVSC supplies stem cell treatments based upon the use of adult mesenchymal stem cells. The stem cells are sourced from adipose tissue.

AVSC offers both:-

A) 'Off the shelf’ allogeneic  lines of stem cell treatments (using stem cells sourced fromespecially selected 'donor' animals)

B) Autologous treatments using cells sourced from tissue that is surgically removed from the animal being treated



There are basically two types of treatments using Adipose Derived Stem Cells (‘ADMSC’).

AVSC supplies treatments based on immediately available 'off the shelf' stem cell therapies (based on the use of cells derived from especially selected donor animals) as well as treatments based on the use of stem cells - stromal vascular fraction - collected from the tissue of the animal being treated.

A)   High Concentration  ‘Pure’ Cultured Stem Cells

B)  ‘Stromal Vascular Fraction’ ('SVF') .

A) 'Pure' Cultured Stem Cells (High Concentration Stem Cells)

AVSC provides treatments based on the supply of pure cultured 'high concentration' stem cells. The stem cells cells are firstly isolated from specially selected donor animals and then cultured in the AVSC laboratory to significantly expand their numbers. These cells are high concentration  ‘Pure’ stem cells.

High concentration 'pure' stem cells are mesenchymal stem cells ('MSC') that are isolated from the tissue and then ‘cultivated’ so as to substantially increase the number of cells able to be provided for the therapeutic treatment. The cultivation of MSC can expand cell numbers by 100-10,000 fold over a couple of weeks.

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‘Pure' stem cells can also be cultured from the cells of the animal being treated. This is typically involves a two week ‘turnaround'.

B) Stromal Vascular Fraction

Traditionally stem cells treatments have been based on the use of the stromal vascular fraction (‘SVF’) .

The preparation of the Stromal Vascular Fraction ('SVF') is based on the initial surgical removal of a sample of adipose (fat) tissue from the animal being treated, the 'digesting' of that sample, and then the separation of the cells from the adipocytes etc - by 'spinning down' (centrifuge) the 'digested' fat sample.

The SVF approach requires that a veterinarian firstly surgically removes tissue from the animal to be treated - and then sends this tissue to AVSC for processing.

The SVF contains stem cells, together with pure adipocytes, endothelial cells, immune cells and pericytes.

After surgery, a sample of adipose tissue can be sent to the AVSC laboratory to have the SVF separated from the waste material. AVSC  provides a quick-turnaround laboratory service that enables veterinarians to be able to administer the basic ‘SVF’ stem cell therapies in animals. We are normally able to accomplish this within 48 hours after receiving the sample of adipose (fat) tissue from the veterinarian.

In order to try to avoid the need for the surgical removal of tissue from the animal being treted, an increasing amount of research in regard to arthritis, dermatitis and the regeneration of cartilage and tendon tissue has been focused on the use of high concentration cultured/expanded allogeneic/'donor' cells.

Given that the use of 'donor'/allogeneic cells removes the necessity of a surgical procedure to collect tissue from the animal being treated, AVSC expects that the majority of treatments may eventually be based on the use of 'off the shelf' high concentration pure (cultured) stem cells.

AVSC supplies treatments based on immediately available ‘off the shelf’ lines of 'pure' (cultured) stem cells as well as treatments based on the stromal vascular fraction ('SVF'). B)  Stromal Vascular Fraction (‘SVF’)


A veterinarian has the choice of either providing:-

-          Off the Shelf highly concentrated ‘pure’ stem cells (allogeneic treatments)

The veterinarian simply needs to place an order for the appropriate product (animal/species, disease/treatment etc) with AVSC. Orders received can typically be despatched within 24-48 hours.


-          Autologous stem cell treatments – that first necessitate a surgical procedure (with anaesthetics) to obtain a sample of the treated animals tissue.

In a situation where a veterinarian uses the AVSC laboratory service to isolate the SVF, the typical chronology of events is as follows:-

Day One:
The veterinarian collects a small fat sample (about two tablespoons) from the patient. The sample is shipped priority overnight to the AVSC laboratory in Melbourne, Victoria.

Day Two:
AVSC  processes the fat sample and separates the SVF. The SVF (including MSC) are shipped priority overnight in ready-to-inject syringes.

Day Three:
The veterinarian injects the SVF directly into the injured site.