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Ordering Stem Cells

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Stem cell doses are only supplied to approved veterinarians

Stem cells can be ordered by faxing/emailing a standard AVSC Prescription Here

  • Stem Cell doses can be ordered either 'Fresh' (0-4 degrees) for use within 48 hours – or alternatively in 'Cryo' for storage on site in liquid nitrogen for use when required.

  • Fresh doses can be despatched on any weekday, and delivery to you would be the following (day following day of despatch), and the cells will remain viable for a further 48 hours.

  • Typically we suggest that for instance for a Thursday treatment we would despatch on the Tuesday so that you would receive the dose(s)/cells on the Wednesday. The cells are perfectly OK if stored in a refrigerator overnight (e.g. on the Wed night).

  • While not recommended, the cells would also be fine for administration on the Friday morning - but if you wanted to treat on the Friday, we would suggest that we should despatch on Wednesday.

  • Alternatively doses can be supplied 'in bulk' for storage on-site in liquid nitrogen- and then thawed on site as required/prior to administration.

We can also supply liquid nitrogen dewars if required.

Please email the prescription form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it