Clinical Results

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The results of initial treatments on approximately 8000 animals (USA, Australia and Canada) have been extremely positive.


In regard to osteo-arthritis, veterinarians in Australia report that approximately 96% of dogs treated for arthritis with pure' cultured stem cells have had an improvement in their condition (quality of life)  with approximately 60% of dogs showing a substantial improvement..



In clinical studies:-

Suspensory ligament injuries:-

Approximately 75% of horses treated for suspensory ligament injuries have returned to work at the prior level.

Joint disease:-

In excess of 80% of horses returned to work, with in excess of 50% returning to work at the prior level

Tendon Injury:-

In excess of 90% of horses treated returned to work with in excess of 70% returning to work at the prior level

AVSC believes that stem cell based therapies can significantly contribute to the improvement treatment of degenerative conditions and injuries in the veterinary setting.