Overall Results

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Overall Results

The results of treatments of in excess of 3000 horses have been extremely positive.
The initial results of equine stem cell therapies have demonstrated that the use of adult stem cells may significantly shorten a horse's recovery time and reduce the risks associated with surgery.

a) Treatments using ‘pure’ cultured stem cells

The results from horses treated for tendon and ligament injuries with the newer more advanced ‘pure stem cell treatments (cultured stem cells) have been extremely encouraging. Almost all trainers and owners of have reported either complete ‘cures’ or a very substantial improvement in the injuries being treated.

b) Treatments using the ‘simpler’ autologous Stromal Vascular Fraction (‘SVF’).

The results from treatments based on the use of the older/simpler Stromal Vascular Fraction (‘SVF’) have been very encouraging.


Detailed Results

Stromal Vascular Fraction Treatments

  • Suspensory Ligament Injuries
    • 76% of horses returned to full work at the prior level.( (47/62)


  • Joint disease:-
    • 83.4% of horses returned to work
    • 56.7% (34/60) returned to full work at prior level and 26.7% (16/60) returned to full work at a reduced level.3

  • Tendon Injury:-
    • 94% of horses returned to work
    • 77% (51/66) returned to full work at prior level and 17% (11/66) returned to full work at a reduced level.37)
    • AJVR, Vol 69, No. 7, July 2008

Support for the efficacy of Equine Stem Cell Therapy:

Nevertheless, not all horses will necessarily respond to AVSC cell therapy. Horse owners should discuss appropriateness of treatment for their horses, potential outcomes, and a comprehensive treatment plan (together with associated costs) with their veterinarian prior to treatment.