Advantages of using Adult Stem Cells

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There are still unsolved medical problems concerning the therapeutic use of embryonic stem cells. The ability of embryonic stem cells to form teratomas is just one of the obstacles confronting the use of embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cell

A further problem with embryonic stem cells is that they can only be obtained by destroying a human embryo. This poses ethical and religious issues. However, there are no ethical issues with the use of Adult Stem Cells (ĎASCís) because these cells can be obtained from adult human tissue; for example from adipose (fat) tissue.

Adult stem cells (ĎASCís) are present in all living humans (and animals) and†do not pose the same medical problems as embryonic stem cells.††ASCs from bone marrow have been successfully transplanted in sufferers of leukemia and related cancers for many years (Bone Marrow Transplantation).

In addition, ASC's tha are obtained from adipose tissue (ADMSC - mesenchymal stem cells)††are†immuno-privileged cells that†have the ability to be transplanted Ė without immune rejection.

Stem Cell

For this reason, ADMSC allow AVSC and veterinarians to offer 'off the shelf' therapies for a wide range of medical conditions in the veterinary setting

Australian Veterinary Stem Cells (and Vet-Stem Inc in the USA) have been using adult msenchymal stem cells (that have been derived from†adipose tissue - 'ADMSC'), for many years to treat a large number of diseases and medical conditions in dogs, cats and horses.