Australian Veterinary Stem Cells

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Australian Veterinary Stem Cells Pty Ltd ('AVSC') and its associates have developed a number of stem cell based therapies for the treatment of a number of diseases and conditions in dogs, cats and horses.

Stem cell therapies are currently available for the treatment of canine arthritis and degenerative joint disorders, the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries in horses and the treatment of certain conditions in cats.

Dog onwner and her pet

Clinical Results

The results of initial treatments on approximately 7000 animals (internationally) have been extremely positive.


In regard to canine (dogs) arthritis, approximately 90% of owners of dogs treated for arthritis with pure' cultured stem cells have reported a substantial improvement in the condition (quality of life) of their dog with an average improvement grading of 75%.


In clinical studies:-

Suspensory ligament injuries:-

Approximtely 75% of horses treated with suspensory ligament injuries returned to work at the prior level.  In excess of 90% of horses treated returned to work with in excess of 70% returning to work at the prior level

Joint disease:-

In excess of 80% of horses returned to work, with in excess of 50% returning to work at the prior level

Tendon Injury:-

77% returned to work at the full prior level. AVSC believes that stem cell based therapies can significantly contribute to the improvement treatment of degenerative conditions and injuries in the veterinary setting.

AVSC can supply both:-

a) 'off the shelf' treatments (based on cells that have been previously sourced from especially selected 'donor' animals)

as well as being able to provide:-

b) autologous treatments based on the isolation of stem cells from adipose tissue (stromal vascular fraction) from the actual animal being treated.

If you would like to arrange for a stem cell treatment for your dog, cat or horse, we would suggest that that you ask your veterinarian to contact us. We  welcome enquiries from veterinarians - and owners of animals.

AVSC is interested iin working with veterinarians who have an interest in providing regenerative medicine treatments (adult stem cells) based on the use of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells.